School Resource Officers

In 1996 the Westfield Police Department started the school resource officer program.  An officer was permanently assigned to Westfield High School to work with the students and faculty.  The program has since expanded and there are currently three resource officers; one at Westfield High School, one at Westfield Technical Academy, and one who divides his time between the South and North Middle Schools.  Resource officers are permanently assigned to specific schools in order for the School Resource Officers (SRO) to develop relationships, familiarize themselves with the unique histories and issues at each school, and overall provide more effective police service. 

Roles of the SRO

The SRO has three major roles within the school:  Law enforcement, Education, and Councilor. 

Law Enforcement Officer

The SRO is first and foremost a Law Enforcement Officer.  He enforces laws, statutes and ordinances.  The SRO investigates incidents and takes appropriate action when it is called for. The purpose of the SRO is to provide a safe and secure environment for the children, faculty, and staff in the school to which they are assigned. 


As an Educator the SRO is available to the school community as an instructor to students, faculty, or parents in fields related to law enforcement as well as in fields where the officer may have an interest or expertise. 


As a Resource Counselor the SRO, through his job knowledge, has a wealth of information with regard to agencies, both public and private, that a student, parent or faculty member may draw on.  The SRO is a source of information for students, parents and school staff and makes himself available for consultations with individuals or groups.  The SRO makes connections between social service agencies and students, their families, or faculty should the need present itself.