Real Estate Application Forms & Information


For a complete list of applications and forms regarding the assessor’s department, please see Massachusetts Department of Revenue website.

For a list of the most common forms, please see below:

Application Deadlines

The department follows the following application deadlines for the various applications and forms.

  • February 1: Real and Personal Property applications for abatement
  • March 1: 3 ABC Application Forms for Charitable Organizations and Personal Property Forms of List
  • March 31: Personal Exemption Applications
  • May 1: Forest Product Cut Forms - Chapter 61
  • July 1: Chapter 61, Contact Forester Deadline - New / renewal certificates and filing of personal exemptions begins
  • September 1: Chapter 61 forestry certificates - new / renewal
  • December 1: Chapter 61A Agricultural / Horticultural Applications due, and Chapter 61B Recreational applications due

Retrieving Information

There are two ways of retrieving information from the Assessor’s Office, by phone or in person at the office.

For Telephone Inquiries

The following information may be obtained by telephone:

  • Owner name and mailing address
  • Parcel identification number
  • Land area
  • Building square footage
  • Deed reference
  • Tax rate
  • Property valuation

For Office Inquiries

The following information is available in the Assessor’s Office:

  • Deeds are available for the public to inspect or purchase from 1950 to the current year.
  • Property field cards
  • Plot plans showing the dimensions of the property only.
  • Certified abutters lists
  • Application forms for various exemptions and abatements.