Items Disposed of For Free

What We Recycle for Free

  • All curbside recyclables
  • Batteries - Ni-Cad, rechargeable batteries, spent rechargeable tools, “button” batteries, automotive batteries
  • Books - all types, hardcover, soft cover. Catalogs and phone books should be recycled with paper. Text books and encyclopedias are collected and donated to charities.
  • Bulk metal items
  • Electronics - computer towers, keyboards, peripherals, stereo equipment. (Monitors and televisions require a sticker for disposal)
  • Mercury containing items - fluorescent lamps and bulbs, ballasts, transformers, thermometers, thermostats
  • Oil based paint and stain. (Water based paints can be dried out and placed in the household trash). Drop off on first Saturday of the month only.
  • Usable clothing and footwear
  • Used Motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters. Drop off on Saturdays only.
  • Yard waste – only leaves and grass clippings loose or in paper bags

Notes on Recycling Paint

If your unwanted paint is of good quality and usable condition you might ask a charitable organization (such as Habitat for Humanity) if they can re-use it.

Otherwise, to dispose of paint and paint-related products:
  • Empty paint cans: Clean, dry paint cans, may be discarded in the scrap metal recycling area at the Twiss Street Transfer Station.
  • Latex Paint and water-based stains: Latex paints and stains are not hazardous wastes. These can be disposed of in your regular trash when dry. Speed up the drying process by stirring in clean kitty litter, sand, or “Speedy-Dry” to the consistency of thick oatmeal, and then let the mix dry for three to five days with the lid off. When there are no free-flowing liquids you may throw it away (without the lid) in your trash. Hardware stores sell paint hardener that will do the same job.
  • Petroleum-based paints, stains, thinners, varnishes: These products are hazardous materials and must not be mixed into your regular trash. Again the most preferable option would be to give these materials away if they are in intact, usable condition.