Youth Education


The department sponsors a fire safety and prevention program in local schools called S.A.F.E. (Student Awareness of Fire Education). Educating youngsters on the dangers of fire and being safe around fire at early ages has reduced the number of fires involving young people. We work closely with law enforcement officials and provide counseling and education to youngsters who cause unsafe fire situations.

Juvenile Firesetters Program

The Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program seeks to identify the motivations associated with fire setting with a focus on changing the behavior, and providing fire safety education for the child and family. Confidentiality is a top priority with the Westfield Fire Department Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program. It is also the law. Assessment of your child may be obtained by calling Fire Department Headquarters at (413) 562-2329 and requesting to speak to the Deputy Chief in charge. The Deputy Chief will make arrangements to have a trained member of our team meet with you at a convenient place and time.